It’s released February 28th on the Kick and Clap label in vinyl or a digital format.

Winding back to the 1980’s and Emmanuel Maggi is experimenting with his music on a keyboard made by his uncle.

He showcased his work playing a few live sets in clubs, performing under the name Ebias in his native Italy, including the legendary Cosmic in Veruno, Due to other commitments his music fell by the wayside.

Fast forwarding to 2010 he approaches Richard Youngs, after becoming enchanted by Richard work “Ultrahits” a venture with Luke Fowler, Maggi sends him a copy of the early demo’s and from there things evolved.

Richard Youngs, along with fellow musicians Luke Fowler and Paul Thomson take on Maggi’s work, releasing an EP continuing the name Ebias and releasing an EP entitled The Emanuel Bias, as a harkback to the man who had started the project many years earlier, and dedicating the EP to him.

It’s a very 80’s sounding dance EP, played on authentic keyboards of the age, Casio keyboards and the infamous Yamaha DX7, with Paul Thompson of Franz Ferdinand fame providing electronic drumming to the mix.

The EP consists of 6 tracks:

No way back

I loved the opening track, No way back with it’s imposing bass line and early synth sounds, the standout track for me was Landfill formed around a simple riff that takes the basis of this track forward, it’s definitely a track you can’t get out of your head, once heard. The rest of the EP seems to revolve around clever use of an echo/reverb effect that seems to create several layers on the vocal track

For me, its classic dance music of the 80’s brought up to date, that is played on authentic instruments of the time.